US Elections: Results and Conclusions


In a disastrous night for the party of Barack Obama, the Republicans triumphed throughout the country at all levels of government; Congress, governorships and state legislatures.Although the victory of the conservative opposition was relatively expected margin of victory and performance in some districts considered safe for the Democrats was surprising, auguring a more complex scenario for the general elections of ...

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Pak indo

POLITICAL CONFLICT OVER KASHMIR Kashmir since 1947 has generated a conflict between the states of India and Pakistan dispute the full sovereignty over this territory. It is a conflict which pursues a territorial objective, with a political, religious and cultural background, and that has been indifferent to the right to self-determination of the Kashmiri people. But the motivations that lead ...

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8 tips for a healthy and enduring mental health.


This would be the “maintenance manual” (as we call it) of the health of our brain, our “psyche”. How all engine, the brain requires some care, like any other part of our body. We must learn to prevent problems in the future, something that most of us do not ask ourselves often. Here is a list of tips to maintain ...

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Tips for getting the best car insurance for young

insurance car for youth

Young people between 18 and 26 years of age have greater difficulty hiring a car insurance, so in this post will collect some tips to get the best car insurance for young people. It is usually difficult to find car insurance for young people, but when we finally found, premiums tend to be really high. But still it remains very ...

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Choosing the best auto insurance company in Your Surrounding


Set your priorities, review reputations and financial situation, and compare quotes … search for the best auto insurance company that meets your needs can be overwhelming unless you do everything step by step. Understands your needs Understands coverages and services you are looking for in an auto insurance company.Are you just looking for cheap car insurance? How can affect your ...

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